Your home is more than your property — it’s your life. And when it’s damaged by disaster, you need insurance and restoration experts who care as much as you do! Whether you’re looking for restoration services for fire, tornado, hail, or water, we’re here for you. We proudly serve Boerne and the San Antonio area with care and attention to detail. And we know time is of the essence when you’re dealing with damage, so we move quickly to provide disaster insurance estimates. Broadshield Restoration has more than a decade of experience in construction and disaster insurance estimates. Learn more about restoration services here on our blog and put our experience to work for you! 

  1. Why You Should Have Disaster Insurance

    We all know that homeowner’s insurance covers our homes in the event that damage occurs. But many don’t know that it doesn’t cover everything — like disasters. Disaster insurance covers what we call “acts of God,” or unpredictable, devastating events like flash flooding, wildfires, or to…Read More