Sewage is one of the worst kinds of damage that can be inflicted on homes and businesses. Odors, health concerns, and the sheer extent of damage all amount to a formidable situation. However, the team at Broadshield Restoration in Boerne isn’t intimidated by sewer backup or the resulting water damage. We have more than a decade of experience with sewage damage remediation and repair. From insurance estimates to reconstruction, we have the issue handled.

When you’re having sewer issues, we know you’re dealing with an urgent situation. Getting insurance involved and making sure they get the information they need is absolutely key to moving forward quickly, and we’re here to help with that process. We can rapidly and accurately assess the situation and provide an estimate to your insurance so remediation can get rolling — and life can get back to normal. If you’ve experienced sewer backup or water damage and are in need of sewer repair in Boerne, contact BroadShield Restoration today. 

Main Causes of Sewage Damage

Sewage damage, like water damage, can happen slowly over time or all at once. Think of the difference between a leaking pipe or a large, unexpected flood. Whatever the cause, sewage in your home or business needs to be cleaned up immediately. Broadshield Restoration in Boerne not only helps with sewer repair, we also identify the root of the problem. Here are a few of the main causes of sewage damage.

Faulty Seals 

Like anything, the seals around toilets and pipes deteriorate over time and can cause leaks. You might not notice these leaks for a while, and the water damage can affect ceilings and walls around the bathroom. Inspect seals regularly, and call professionals from Broadshield Restoration if you suspect a leak.

Burst Pipes

A burst sewage line is an emergency. It can result in a large, sudden stream of sewage into your home or office. A pipe can burst at any time, though they more often occur during the winter when pipes without proper insulation freeze. 

Pipes can burst as a result of backup, blockage, or simply the age of the pipe itself. If a pipe bursts, contact us immediately and begin sewer repair. 

Clogged sewer lines

At some point, all of us have flushed the wrong thing down the toilet and watched the drain backup. This can happen even more often in an office or business where the restrooms get much more use.

Blockage isn’t limited to the toilet, though, and can cause sewage backup through every sink, toilet, and tub in your home — a problem that’s much bigger than something a plunger can solve! If your toilet or other sewage lines are backing up and flooding your Boerne home, it’s time to contact the professionals.

Tree Roots

Trees and other organic material have a mind of their own! We’ve seen the way tree roots can damage pipes beneath the ground. They can puncture or crush pipes and quickly grow into any holes in the pipes that form. 

Tree roots will block the flow of waste and can cause backups or burst pipes. It’s important to plant trees far enough away from your sewer lines, water pipes, and foundation.


A flood is the most dramatic and obvious cause of sewer backup and water damage. When rain or water overflowing its banks gets into the sewer system, it can cause so much pressure that the sewage backs up into your home or office.

If you live in a floodplain or area susceptible to flooding, you should look into preventative measures like backup valves, which we can help you install. Even low-risk areas can experience flood damage, though, and your home may need sewage repair at some point.

Broadshield Restoration in Boerne

We’ve worked in restoration since 2014 because we understand the stress and frustration of getting water damage repaired with help from insurance. We use our experience and passion to make a tangible difference for home and business owners, repairing and renewing properties of all sizes. Contact us at any time for a quick response and world-class care.