We’re proud to be the restoration company in the San Antonio region that home and business owners trust to repair tornado damage. Broadshield Restoration professionals are not just world-class construction experts; we also specialize in repairs involving insurance. In other words, paperwork doesn’t intimidate us, and it shouldn’t intimidate you. We’re on a mission to return your damaged property to its original state (or better) while minimizing stress, delays, and complications.

Tornado Damage in San Antonio

San Antonio may be south of Tornado Alley, but that doesn’t mean our homes and businesses aren’t at risk of tornado damage! 

As residents who follow weather in the San Antonio region know, we are affected by volatile El Nino weather patterns. El Ninos are complex series of storms that occur because of our proximity to the gulf. 

How to Prepare Your Home

The shape of roofs can make them blow off more easily during a storm. Peaked roofs can create a suction when high-speed winds blow over the home. 

You can protect your home by installing storm safe windows and investing in high-quality shingles. If your home has been damaged by any kind of storm, Broadshield Restoration can help install more storm-resistant materials to protect you and your family in the future. 

Degrees of Tornado Intensity

May is the peak month for tornadoes in Texas. Whether or not a tornado actually strikes, the storm system can bring hail and heavy winds. In order to help you understand the risk factor of tornadoes and tornado damage, we’d like to share the differences between tornado damage caused by weak, significant, and violent tornadoes.

Weak Tornadoes

The vast majority of tornadoes are weak tornadoes. But don’t be deceived by the name — weak tornadoes can cause a lot of damage! They’re called weak tornadoes because they don’t last very long. 

Well-built structures don’t usually sustain much tornado damage during this kind of storm, though weaker buildings can become significantly damaged. Vehicles can be blown off the road or flipped, and structures can suffer major roof damage.

Significant Tornadoes

In a significant tornado, well-built structures can suffer serious tornado damage, including losing your roof or having your walls collapse. Smaller structures like mobile homes can be completely destroyed.

Cars are lifted off the ground and lighter objects can become very dangerous as they are thrown through the air by high-speed winds. These objects can seriously injure and even kill people who aren’t well sheltered. Homes and buildings may also suffer water damage from the storm.

Violent Tornadoes

Violent tornadoes are very rare, and if they do occur, they form in tornado alley, away from San Antonio. Very few people who are in the path of a violent tornado survive. These tornadoes are the ones of stories like “The Wizard of Oz,” where the storm can lift homes off the foundation and lift heavy vehicles like trains or airplanes. 

Broadshield Restoration 

Since 2014, the Broadshield Restoration team has put our extensive construction experience to work for home and business owners in need of repairs due to natural disasters. We understand the trauma, anxiety, and financial challenges that come with tornado damage, and we’re passionate about bringing you relief, guidance, and protection. In short, we want to be your allies when disaster like a tornado strikes. 

We not only handle the insurance side of the process; we have the construction “chops” to handle tornado damage — and wind damage, fire damage, water damage, and more. You’ll find our attention to detail and ability to move quickly without compromising excellence will give you and your property a new lease on life!When you choose Broadshield Restoration in San Antonio, you can rest assured we’ll provide detailed, effective estimates and make sure your insurance company has the information it needs to move your claim through. Ultimately, we want to get you back into your home or get your business rolling again. We want to give you peace of mind and confidence so that you can move forward and keep thriving. Contact us today!