Your home’s foundation is what holds the entire building together. There’s a reason why we have sayings like “build a solid foundation for your relationship” or “I have a solid foundation in my professional field.” Foundation issues in your home can be one of the riskiest and dangerous problems a homeowner can have. Although the problem can be dealt with — and our restoration company can help — the cost, time, and stress you’ll put into finding a solution can be overwhelming. As with most things, it’s better to prevent problems before they occur. To use another saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 

In today’s blog, we’ll be looking at how water can damage your foundation. Here at BroadShield Restoration, we understand how important it is to get started with water damage repair as soon as you know there’s a problem. If water damage is left too long, you’ll be dealing with intense structural damage, like a cracked foundation. Read on to learn more and contact our restoration company in San Antonio if you ever experience water damage in your home.

External Pressure

Soil around your home can absorb a lot of water — especially during a storm or flash flood. If that water remains in the soil and does not drain, then it will eventually exert a lot of pressure on your foundation. The soil can also contract as it dries, shifting around the house or disintegrating, causing foundation walls to tip or buckle inward.

Structural Cracks

Water intrusion and water damage can happen without you knowing it. Water can remove supporting soil, causing foundations to settle and crack. Cracks can also when water freezes and thaws inside existing cracks.

Horizontal foundation cracks are caused by water pressure on the outside of the wall, and are the most serious type of crack in your home’s foundation. They indicate heavy soil pressure, caused by water-saturated soil. They require immediate water damage repair, and they are something our BroadShield Restoration experts can consult with you about. 

Damaged Wood

Wood and water are not friends. Water damage causes wood to mold and rot, which is very bad for your foundation and any structural components in your home. You can prevent water damage by sealing any wood components and closing crawl spaces. Most water damage is caused by ground moisture sources seeping up through your foundation into the wood, and you can help prevent this by using a dehumidifier during wet seasons in San Antonio.

BroadShield Restoration San Antonio

You can look to BroadShield Restoration for help. Our construction experts will help bring your home back to what it was before, as quickly as possible. We know that water damage repair needs to occur as quickly as possible, or it can turn into larger structural damage, like to your foundation. 

And if you ever have to file a disaster insurance claim, our team is here to help provide you with the detailed pricing and estimates you need to get the benefits you deserve. Keep our contact info close, and call us when disaster strikes — we’re here for you.