If there is a slow leak in your home, you may not immediately see the signs of water damage. It’s important to know what to look out for, because the earlier you catch water damage the faster the water damage restoration process will be! It’s also important to know the signs of water damage or potential water damage if you’re looking to buy, rent, or sell a home.  

In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing a few of the ways you can tell if your Boerne home or office has a water-damaged ceiling. Continue reading to learn more, visit our Water Damage Restoration page, and keep our contact info close at hand if you ever experience water damage, fire damage, hail damage, sewer backup, or any other disaster that causes damage to your home!

Signs of Water Damage

People often don’t think about the fact that you can have water damage that is not caused by a catastrophic event like a flood, broken pipe, or sewage backup. And even if you have experienced one of these sources of water damage, you may not immediately see signs of water damage. That’s why it is important to know what to look out for, and be sure to contact Broadshield Restoration in Boerne to begin the process of water damage restoration if you do see them in your home or office.

Water Stains

Look for rings on the ceilings. These can be large, expanding rings like the ripples on a pond, or small circles. Water stains can also come in the form of brown splotches. If hard water is causing the water damage, the water stains may also appear reddish brown. 


Discoloration caused by water damage can be extreme — such as a dark brown patch on your bathroom ceiling — but they can also be more subtle, and this can mean that you may be slower to discover the damage and begin the water damage restoration process. Look in corners of ceilings and in problem areas, like basements and attics, for discoloration. 

Sagging Ceiling

A sagging ceiling is a sign of a big problem. And it can also be very dangerous! The last thing you want is for your ceiling to crumble and damage your furniture, flooring, and potentially hurt anyone who is in the room at the time. Be on the lookout for small and large sagging anywhere on the ceiling.

Soft Drywall

A water-damaged ceiling can lead to water-damaged walls, as the water travels downhill. Soft drywall is sometimes hard to identify, especially if there is no discoloration. You may only notice it when you go to hang something on the wall, or if it begins to crumble. If you can easily push into your drywall with a thumb or finger, it’s time to call Broadshield Restoration and start the water damage restoration process!

Peeling Wallpaper 

Peeling wallpaper is a similar problem to soft drywall. It occurs when water seeps from the ceiling into the walls or if water is leaking from a pipe in multiple locations. Wallpaper should never be peeling. Not only does it not look great, but it can also be a sign that there’s a problem with the structural integrity of the wall itself.

How to Repair Ceiling Water Damage

Here at Broadshield Restoration, we’ve fixed our share of water-damaged ceilings! And we’ve also seen what happens when people in Boerne try to fix water damage on their own. If the water damage restoration process is not started quickly, and done correctly, the damage can spread and cause even bigger issues. While you may think that you can replace a part of your wall and ceiling, it really is better left to the pros!

What you can do, though, is watch out for the signs of water damage, especially on your ceilings. A leaking pipe can be dampening part of your ceiling for months, simply because you haven’t looked up in the corner of the living room. Not only will this damage the structural integrity of the ceiling and room, but it can also result in mold growth. 

When our Boerne restoration company comes in to repair ceiling water damage, we first identify the water source and stop it. We then assess the extent of the damage and make a plan for water damage restoration. We will then offer you a quote for our services. If you agree to hire us (and we hope you do!) we will work with you and your insurance company to make sure you’re getting the support you deserve. We pride ourselves on being experts in both construction and insurance — which isn’t something every restoration company can say!

BroadShield Restoration Services

If you’ve noticed signs of water damage in your Boerne home or office, we’re here to help! And along with water damage restoration, our company can handle damage caused by wind, fire, sewage, hail, and tornados. That’s what makes us damage restoration specialists! When you hire our company, you can trust that we’ll provide you with the highest-quality services at an affordable price.

And along with being construction experts, we help you through the disaster insurance process. We care about restoring your home or business as much as you do. If you’re in need of water damage restoration or any other type of restoration services, get in touch and put our more than a decade of experience to work for you!